Cluj München 1140km

Gânduri clujene din Bavaria

München - Munich - Monaco di Baviera

27. aprilie 2010 14:13
by skorpionking
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BlogEngine and AdSense

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Using BlogEngine is cool and gives you more freedom as other blogging platforms. One caveat is that there is no built-in capability for AdSense. Of course you can place some Ads in your master page, but what if you want to place Ads in the dynamically generated content of a post or page? To program someting like this is no rocket science but before re-inveting the wheel I've searched (binged) the internet and found a cool extension which adds AdSense to your posts. The extension is to be found here and is called AdSenseInjector. It is easy to be used and runs also with the latest BlogEngine release Nice job Cristiano!

15. aprilie 2010 22:19
by skorpionking
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Google Adsense not showing up - ads limit per page

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Why is my google adsense ads not showing up? or Is there any Google Adsense limit per page ? These are very common questions asked by new Google Adsense publishers. If you are reading this post then you may face same problem. So what may reasons behind this problem. First of all check, whether your google adsense account is disabled or not. There may be many reasons of adsense account disable. That topic is not concerned here. Now come to adsense limitation per page. Yes there is limit in number of ads for each page. You can have upto 9 ads per page. On any page, you can place: 

  • three standard ads unit
  • three link units
  • two search boxes
  • one video unit

So check your page now. Hope you know now what is going on, it is not easy to find out why Adsense is not showing...

14. aprilie 2010 14:57
by skorpionking
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Microsoft brings a new phone - Kin

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Yesterday in San Francisco Microsoft unveiled KIN, a new Windows Phone experience created for a unique set of socially connected consumers. Across the Windows Phone family of products, Microsoft's intention is to bring together everything that’s important to its customers.  This vision guided Microsoft's strategy for Windows Phone 7 and is now being brought to life for a new audience with the announcement of KIN.  The result is two experiences that share the same underlying philosophy and design, but were created for two purposes - two kinds of audiences. 

While Windows Phone 7 is a multipurpose phone for a broad set of consumers, KIN is for a generation of people that live to be connected to their friends and their family. They get their news through Facebook and Twitter, and they can’t bear to be cut off from their friends. They connect, express and relate through technology, and this generation needs a phone to help them share their life moment to moment.

Microsoft saw a great opportunity to build a phone experience that spans hardware, cloud services and the PC to create something specifically for them, and unique to the industry. While other phones try and address this audience through widgets or add-ons that have social features, KIN is the only phone that has the social experience infused in all aspects of the experience.

KIN delivers breakthroughs throughout the product such as the Loop, the Spot, and the Studio:

• KIN Loop – The Loop is filled with your favorite people and the things you love - on your home screen, in real time. You tell KIN who and what is important, and it delivers the latest updates from your favorite people and places.
• KIN Spot – The Spot is the new way to share. Share almost anything – photos, texts, web pages – to almost anyone by simply dragging them to a “spot” on your phone. Since the Spot is always on your screen you don’t have to worry about opening new applications – it’s easy.
• KIN Studio –The KIN Studio is your KIN phone on the web.  Everything you create on your phone – messages, contacts, photos, videos – is also stored in the cloud and accessible from any web browser.  The content that’s important to you is automatically backed up to your own secure website and presented in a beautiful, visual timeline to make it easy to view and share with friends. And with all the storage you’ll need, there’s almost no limit on what you can keep.
• The KIN Camera – KIN takes amazing photos, even in low light. One click upload makes it easy to share your pictures, and because they’re backed up automatically to the KIN Studio, you can look at them online, in full size, whenever you want. Only KIN makes sure all your photos and video clips are stored online without taking up precious memory on your phone.

More information is to be found on kin site.


25. martie 2010 11:21
by skorpionking
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Scrisoare sentimentala

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"Ametitoare e primavara, cand, tresarind din pleoape la bataia de aripi a cocosului, florile isi arata fecioria, aplecandu-se sub imbratisarea vantului...

Ametitoare e primavara, cand pamantului prinde sa-i creasca barba din fir de pir, iar batranul Solomon, devenind zburdalnic, incepe sa isi numere nevestele si roabele...

Ametitoare e primavara, cand, pe strazi, prin apa vantului, trec femeile..."

19. martie 2010 15:51
by skorpionking
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BlogEngine.NET 1.6

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A fost lansata versiunea BlogEngine.NET 1.6 la inceputul lunii februarie. Upgrade-ul a durat 30 minute, inclusiv backup si upload pe site.

"For those who receive a steady dose of comment spam (and who doesn't!), a new powerful Comment Management and Comment Spam Filtering infrastruture has been added in version 1.6.  Comments across all posts can be viewed, edited, deleted or approved in one convenient area.  Comments can still be manually moderated, but now moderation can be automated by running comments thru remote or local comment spam validation services.  Anyone can easily build new comment spam filters and plug them into BlogEngine.NET.  It's just as simple as adding custom Extensions and Widgets is.

The other notable feature in version 1.6 is support for multiple widget zones.  You can now place widgets anywhere on your site, and even move widgets from one zone to another."

18. martie 2010 17:00
by skorpionking
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Audi R8 Spider 5.2 Quattro

18. martie 2010 17:00 by skorpionking | 6 Comentarii

Daca aveti treaba prin aeroportul din München, treceti pe la Audi Forum, au masini frumoase :-) un exemplu, Audi R8 Spider Quattro la doar 163 000 EURO :-) inca una dintre masinile mele de vis :-) mai bine zis...din vis :-P

Monstrul are 525 CP la un motor de 5.2 l V10.

4. martie 2010 22:05
by skorpionking
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Cica "In Romania, preturile locuintelor sunt corecte si fundamentate economic! O comparatie Bucuresti-München" ... sau cum induci oamenii in eroare daca nu ai date corecte

4. martie 2010 22:05 by skorpionking | 2 Comentarii

Cristian publica pe blogul sau un articol in care compara preturile la apartamentele din München si Bucuresti, salariile medii din aceste orase si implicit ce si in cat timp timp isi permit locuitorii respectivi in domeniul imobiliar. Analiza ar fi ok daca ar fi bazata pe date acurate, corecte. De la inceput am fost sceptic in ceea ce priveste datele prezentate. Citez:

"... Acum, sa vedem cum stau lucrurile in München, unul dintre orasele cu cel mai inalt standard de viata din lume si de asemenea, unul dintre cele mai scumpe orase din Germania.

In anul 2008, salariul mediu brut lunar anual al unui angajat german din sectorul industrial a fost de 41.500 de euro, insa tinand cont atat de faptul ca aceasta medie este trasa in jos de fostele landuri est-germane, cat si de faptul ca intr-un oras ca München salariile sunt peste medie, cel mai probabil un angajat münchenez castiga ~45.000 de euro pe an, ceea ce inseamna 3.750 euro brut pe luna sau 2400 euro net, respectiv de patru ori cat un bucurestean.

Prin urmare, normal ar fi ca in München preturile locuintelor sa fie de aproximativ 4 ori mai mari decat in Bucuresti, deci un apartament cu trei camere ar trebui sa coste intre 360 si 400.000 de euro.


Mai departe, atat bucuresteanul cat si münchenezul vor fi nevoiti sa imprumute bani de la banca pentru a isi cumpara locuinta respectiva. In Romania, un credit de 70.000 de euro pe 25 de ani presupune o rata lunara de aproximativ 480 de euro, ceea ce inseamna ca suma totala returnata bancii va fi de 144.000 de euro. Am luat in considerare un imprumut echivalent cu 75% din pretul locuintei.

In acelasi timp, un german va imprumuta 300.000 de euro pentru care va plati o rata lunara de aproximativ 1350 euro, adica 405.000 in 25 de ani. Cu alte cuvinte, o locuinta de 400.000 de euro il costa pe un german 505.000 cu tot cu dobanda la credit (210 venituri medii lunare), iar pe un roman o locuinta de 95.000 de euro il va costa 169.000 de euro (282 venituri medii lunare). Si astfel, diferenta dintre Bucuresti si München creste cu 40% doar din dobanda diferita aplicata de banci.

Una peste alta, comparativ cu proprietarii romani, cei germani ofera 1-2 camere in plus la aceeasi bani (multiplu de venit), bancile germane dau credite mult mai ieftine decat cele romanesti, iar autoritatile locale müncheneze ofera servicii publice mult mai bune decat cele din Bucuresti.


Cotidianul FAZ Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung, unul de top 3 din Germania, spune intr-un articol (publicat astazi) ca salariul mediu brut in Germania e undeva la 27.000 EURO pe an. Diferenta fata de salariul mentionat de Cristian de 40.000 EURO pe an brut in München e de circa 50%, o diferenta imensa care e imposibila, diferenta reala fiind undeva la 10-15%. Deci calculele facute de Cristian nu sunt valabile si lumea a fost indusa in eroare. Din 27.000 EURO pe an brut raman ca. 17.000 EURO net anual, deci undeva la 1.500 net lunar. Ei bine, la banii astia, marit cu 15% la ca. 1800 EURO net lunar in München, refaceti calculele si vedeti cum ies :-) Nu care cumva sa credeti ca in Germania cateii umbla cu covrigi in coada si cu hable de bere in gura :-D Sigur, exista branse in Germania unde se castiga 50.000 EURO pe an brut, chiar 100.000 EURO pe an brut, in medie! Dar in general, salariul mediu brut anual in Germania e de 27.000 EURO! Cristian a fost prost informat, el s-a bazat doar pe datele care furnizeaza salariile medii anuale din industrie si servicii .. chiar daca Münchenul e dezvoltat, salariul mediu e cum a spus eu, nu la 40.000 EURO pe an brut... Sorry Cristian...

Bruttoverdienste sinken erstmals seit 1949

Textele din germana, inclusiv articolul complet din FAZ il puteti traduce folosind Traduce Instant.

4. martie 2010 11:33
by skorpionking
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Zile si nopti

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"Aceeasi carte am rasfoit-o in noptile cand singuratatea sa cuibarea in asternuturi.

Aceleasi randuri le-am citit cand timpul ca un contabil nepartinitor ne impartea clipele in mod egal, fara a reusi sa echilibreze talerele balantei.

Ne-am luptat mereu cu aceleasi cuvinte, fara sa ne intelegem: tu ai ochii negrii, iar ai mei sunt caprui-verzui, si iata, singuratatea ne invaluie.

Sufletele cad alaturi, fara sunet, ca parasutelele."

4. martie 2010 11:29
by skorpionking
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Lupta cu umbra

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"Umbra mi se scurge prin picioare, innegrind trotuarul. Grabesc pasul, dar intunecata pata ma urmareste amplificandu-si dimensiunile. Iat-o, de trei ori mai mare decat trupul meu si tot mi se agata de calcaie! Seamana prea bine cu o anaconda infometata ce isi goneste victima.

Hotarat sa joc un renghi perseverentei jivine, imi incurc pasii pe strazi. Prelungesc urmarirea pana la asfintitul soarelui, cand reptilele isi pierd puterea si pot fi ucise ..."

17. februarie 2010 21:14
by skorpionking
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Windows Phone 7 - traiasca noul telefon

17. februarie 2010 21:14 by skorpionking | 1 Comentarii

Windows Mobile e mort, sau va muri din toamna lui 2010. Atunci va apare noul Windows Phone 7 anuntat saptamana aceasta la Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Noul telefon va avea un sistem de operare total noum incompatibil cu deja "batranul" Windows Mobile. Va dispune de un puternic procesor grafic de la NVidia, de un ecran capacitiv, de o camera foto cu cel putin 5 MB Pixeli, va avea integrat Zune playerul, un receptor radio, un Internet Explorer si Office imbunatatite. Totul nou. Un rival de temut pentru iPhone. Abia astept sa il am, va fi urmatorul meu telefon dupa actualul HTC HD2 pe care oricum va rula Windows Phone 7 (hardware-ul lui HD2 e compatibil, Windows Phone 7 ready)

13. februarie 2010 16:58
by skorpionking
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Noul Touareg - un colos 4x4

13. februarie 2010 16:58 by skorpionking | 1 Comentarii

VW arata noul Touareg - un gigant pe 4 roti: mai mare cu 4 cm in lungime (4.80 m) si 1 cm in latime decat predecesorul, este mai usor si mai dinamic! O noua masca grila, interior modern mult mai sportiv, motoare mai performante inclusiv unul hibrid - noul colos e gata de drum!